As a part of Culture Days Saskatchewan 2019, Articulate Ink, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA), CARFAC SASK and the Regina's Warehouse District are bringing printmaking to the Queen City in a BIG WAY – steamroller printing! The event takes place at the Local YQR (1377 Hamilton Street, Regina).

During this unique event on large 2' x 4' wood blocks, which have been pre-carved by artists MOhadese MOvahed and Phyllis Poitras - Jarrett prior to the event, are inked up and printed in the streets with a steamroller. Spectators are invited to watch as prints are pulled.

There will also be a hands-on relief printing station where attendees will have a chance to try their hand at relief printing on a smaller scale and the SAA will be running a button making station as well.


Annual General Meeting and Community Meetings

Common Forum and Front

Accurate representation of arts community interests is a priority for the SAA. To remain current on issues and needs, the SAA holds community meetings, advocacy workshops, and button bees throughout the province.

By meeting people who are involved in making arts and culture happen in Saskatchewan, we get a clearer picture of where we should be focusing our efforts, we learn about the challenges and successes in each community and we have the opportunity to let people know what the SAA does.

The SAA consults with the arts community to develop goals and articulates them to government, business, and the public.

The Annual General Meeting is held once a year in September in conjunction with a community meeting. This event is a great opportunity to network with other artists and arts organizations. It is also an opportunity to express your thoughts on the issues that matter most to help our Board of Directors shape our future initiatives.

Arts Congress

The SAA Arts Congress is a two-day conference that brings the arts community (artists, arts administrators, government and elected officials, board members, patrons) together to celebrate the arts, and work for sustainability of the sector. The Congress raises awareness of arts topics and issues, and provides an opportunity for consultation. The program includes series such as "Stories from the Arts" where artists share their own narratives, and the "Conversation" series, which gives delegates an opportunity to express their views to public officials.

The Arts Congress is a biennial event that alternates between Regina and Saskatoon.