Mission Statement

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance engages the people of Saskatchewan in celebrating and supporting the arts.

Vision Statement

The people of Saskatchewan support and celebrate the arts and artists as essential to a complete and healthy society.


Collective Voice: a collective voice enables artists to create positive change and generate public awareness of the importance of the arts.

Towards Truth and Reconciliation: a commitment to the values, principles and Calls to Action of the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Intersectional Diversity: the diverse voices and perspectives in the arts ecosystem are respected, welcomed and supported.

Integrity: artists and arts organizations are free to pursue their artistic vision at arms length and empowered by artists’ rights to a living wage.

Access: citizens have unfettered, informed access to and participation in their culture.

Creative Expression: the artist’s creativity and uniqueness and the diversity of the arts are essential to our social fabric.

An Informed Public: research creates a critical foundation for good policy and research findings contribute to a broader understanding of our arts ecosystem.

The SAA’s Core Services include community forums, arts planning and development, interagency planning and development, representation, and advocacy. In addition to these core services, the SAA develops projects in response to current needs of, and in consultation with, the arts community. These projects vary from year to year and depend upon supplementary funding.