Friday, October 24, 2003

Comparative Chart - updated October 24, 2003

Provincial Political Party Positions on Arts and Culture

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The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance asked the provincial political party leaders to articulate their position and measures they plan to establish to support the arts and culture sector. Highlights of their responses are in the chart below. The complete responses can be found at Arts Sector Questionnaire. Note: the Liberal Party responses are derived from its Statement on Arts and Culture which can be found at the bottom of the same link. Liberal Party (derived from Arts and Culture Platform Policy) New Democratic Party New Green Alliance Saskatchewan Party 1. Amendment to Status of the Artist ActNot referenced in Statement on Arts and CultureQualified support upon review Affirms support Qualified support upon review
Formation of a Status of the Artist Commission Qualified supportQualified support dependent on Ministerial Advisory Committee identified issues Qualified support upon review based on 5 criteria
2. A pro-active pan-departmental arts and culture policyQualified supportCommits supportAffirms supportEncourages sector to be proactive
3. Saskatchewan Arts Board fundingCommits to maintaining funding levelsCommits to increase funding by $1.5 million by 2005Affirms supportWill maintain current level of existing funding to arts
4. Lottery funding to culture Supports this form of funding Supports this form of fundingAffirms supportSupports this form of funding
5. Advancement of 1997 Cultural Industries Development Strategy Qualified support for a strategyCommits to ongoing funding to Cultural Industries Development Council and to work with community using strategy as frameworkAffirms supportIncreased revenue from economic growth could have positive impact on key Strategy elements.
6. Dedicated government departmentNot referenced in Statement on Arts and CultureCommits to maintain a separate department Affirms supportWould review nature and scope based on 5 criteria.