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SAA Bulletin: 2008-09 Provincial Budget

March 19, 2008

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Honourable Rod Gantefoer, Minister of Finance, delivered the 2008 – 2009 provincial budget today. Early in his address, the Minister spoke of Saskatchewan's economic blessings, quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote, "A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence". The Minister went on to note that, "Saskatchewan is blessed with an abundance of natural resources".

The Minister also spoke of his government's election promise and belief in a vibrant arts community as "key to providing the high quality of life that attracts people to our province. That’s why we promised to maintain funding for provincial arts organizations. Today we are keeping that promise."

Following are excerpts from the Tourism, Parks, Culture, and Sport Estimates. Links to budget documents can be found at

Arts Related Estimates With Comparison to 2007-08 Estimates (in thousands of dollars)

Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Estimates 2007-082008-09 Culture Culture Operations Support1,125937 *Saskatchewan Arts Board (including $4.5m transferred in October 2007)*10,5346,094 **Support for Provincial Arts and Cultural Organizations-4,200 SaskFILM1,0311,041 Film Employment Tax Credit8,2008,200 Cultural Industries Development300300 Conexus Arts Centre (formerly Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts) 425429 Heritage Heritage Operations Support1,1831,210 Royal Saskatchewan Museum1,9742,028 Western Development Museum3,0153,845 Wanuskewin Heritage Park573579 Saskatchewan Science Centre550556 Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation275278 Saskatchewan Archives Board3,3723,988 Community Initiatives Fund6,1259,339 Other Saskatchewan Communications Network5,9975,997 Building Communities Fund40,00037,391

*Saskatchewan Arts Board received an additional $4.5 million in October 2007 which raised their allocation to $10,534, up from $6,034. The breakdown of the total allocation was as follows:

Saskatchewan Arts Board8,534 Money dedicated to SaskMusic500Revolving Investment Fund1,150Cultural Industries transition money350Total Saskatchewan Arts Board 10,534

**Support for Provincial Arts and Cultural Organizations: According to an official from Tourism, Parks, Culture, and Sport, there is an interest in the Ministry to have a bigger role in determining how funding is allocated. The Ministry is interested in responding to the needs of the sector as well as the commercial interests. $750,000 of the $4.2 million will go to the Saskatchewan Arts Board to support the transfer of the Cultural Industry PCOs to the Arts Board. (Readers may remember that in 2007 it was announced that the Cultural Industry PCOs would be transferred to the Saskatchewan Arts Board. For the 2007/08 fiscal year, ending March 31, 2008, these PCOs received their funding through SaskCulture.) The rest of the money is to be allocated in consultation with the key stakeholders.