Monday, April 18, 2022

Call to Action

Crowdsourcing Campaign Challenges and Ideas

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You’re invited to join a future-oriented exploration - one we believe will lead to better lives for artists and arts workers, and greater accessibility to the arts for all.

As the first step to this future-oriented exploration we have organized an open call for challenges and ideas

SAA is a partner on this project and it would be great to have as many SK Arts Service Organizations (ASO) involved as possible.

Ways to take part

Fill out this form to submit a challenge or idea. Challenges and Ideas might include:

  • something ASOs can work on together to think through solutions
  • something the arts sector is challenged by internally OR
  • something that arts intersect with externally.

If you don’t have a specific topic in mind, but would like to share your areas of interest, fill out this form: Share your Areas of Interest

Once you’ve provided your challenge, it will automatically appear in our ASO Gallery Challenges and Ideas: Gallery of Challenges and Ideas. Anyone who is affiliated with an ASO (staff or volunteer) can submit a challenge or an idea. As the first step, we have organized an OPEN CALL for challenges and ideas that…

  • ASOs can work on together to think through solutions;
  • the arts sector is challenged by; OR
  • that arts either intersect with or is working through internally; AND
  • Lead to more equitable outcomes

Step Two will provide an opportunity to vote on submissions. Stay tuned! 

Questions? Reach out to DEADLINE: May 6.

Whether you’re involved with a long-established or emerging network, whether you’re starting your career or are a veteran, or if you’re thinking about the future of the arts and believe in collective action, your participation is crucial. It is time to bring the ASO community together to investigate the challenges our sector faces and advance ideas into action.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout this process!

Katherine Carleton, C.M., Orchestras Canada/Orchestres Canada
Sandy Crawley, Book and Periodical Council 
Diane Davy, WorkInCulture 
Karla Etienne, Canadian Dance Assembly
Em Ironstar, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance
Jacoba Knaapen, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts - TAPA
Christina Loewen, Association of Opera in Canada
Nadine Medawar, Regroupement Québécois de la Danse
Robin Sokoloski, Mass Culture
Sue Urquhart, CAPACOA